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10-22-2006, 04:16 PM
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Originally Posted by NRG87 View Post
Today, 2:00 PM (Roughly): I'm in a car with 3 other buddies of mine, and we're leaving the parking lot of Place Portobello in brother sees a Black Cadillac beside us and we start talking about the Cadillac...then I look at the driver...none other than Chris Higgins (unless his brother Kevin is nearly identical). It had a NY plate on it...and I think his gf was with him (she's cute...a friend of mine tried to make eye contact with her, but it didn't work). I'm not sure why he was going to Place Portobello, but he was there.

Today, 2:30 PM: We leave from a soccer goods store (Evangelista) on Taschereau, get in the car, get back on the road...stop at a red light. Who's beside us? Chris Higgins driving a black Cadillac...again.

Today, 3:00 PM: We're at Mail Champlain killing time on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. We walk into a store (Zara). We see a big guy wearing a green sweater with the hood on...who is it? Notre héro national: Guillaume Latendresse.

Guillaume Latendresse, I'm OK with...he is a local guy from Ste-Catherine on the Shore...going to Mail Champlain isn't anything out of the ordinary. But Chris Higgins at Place Portobello in Brossard??? Now that's unlikely...

oh my geez ... I live right near the PLACE PORTOBELLO !! Like 10 seconds away lol

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