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Originally Posted by flybynite77 View Post
Pryor said. “He may only be a role guy in the NHL, but we think he has a real good chance to play in the NHL, which is the biggest thing. Look at the percentages of guys playing in the league. It gets less and less each round. So, we wanted to jump up a little bit to grab him because we feel he’s going to be in the NHL and anytime you can get a guy who’s going to play at that level, it doesn’t matter where you take him.”

That's my biggest issue here. I don't think you should be drafted a guy there you think is only going to be a role player in the NHL just because you think it makes your draft looks better by having a better shot at producing an "NHLer" in it.

I think the point of the draft is shooting for talent. At the 3rd round you should still be drafting guys you think can be 3rd line players and maybe part-time 2nd line. Even if that chance is extremely low. You don't go for a 4th line player just because you think he has a better chance at him.

You go for the high ceiling, not for the lower floor. Maybe you get it wrong 4 out of 5 years, but that 1 year of hitting is worth the 4 years of failure and more important than getting a 4th line role player 2 or 3 years out of 5 drafts.
This x infinity

What's the point of drafting a guy you think is a role player. Take a shot at a guy who is high risk/high reward. Maybe you land a Brad Marchand, not a Zach Rinaldo. And if it doesn't work out and the guy busts out, oh well, you only had a 17.7% chance anyway. It's not like you'd have to spend a ton to fill the role that Rinaldo fills either.

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