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Originally Posted by IV XIV XCI View Post
There weren't that many moves yesterday.
Lot's of GM's wanted to make "bold moves" yesterday but didn't.

Only difference is that our guy went out of his way to say he would.

He has about 5-7 days to still make the splash he claims he will.

But for all the complainers, I ask you this: when was the last draft where there were a lot of big trades? Seems like it's been a while. People assume lots of moves but it usually takes an extra week before it really happens.
I don't think one can look at the amount of trades that occurred and use it as a rationale for saying "well this really wasn't a trade type of draft".

Its incumbent, of course, on the teams that NEED to improve to be the impetus of trades and not waiting for them to happen and hoping things fly across the plate.

MacT was involved in discussing some trades, sure, he also appeared not to be involved in other potential deals. I wonder how many trade schemes he initiated with other clubs.

As usual, we'll never know all, but I wonder how many stocks and cards were put out on the table and how much was in play trying to drum up some business.

MacT stated (and this is his own fault) that he would be aggressive, impatient, and would be making deals and changing what this club looks like. He stated as a matter of fact that he would add the player ingredients this club requires.

He missed doing that one of the few important off season days of the year. While managing a club that needs a lot of help and that has a lot of players that could be in a trade. Except, wait, MacT devalued some of these players trade value in his prior comments.

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