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07-02-2013, 02:33 PM
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Originally Posted by weeze View Post
I guess that is my question. Why aren't other guys wanting to consider Nashville as a playing destination? It seems that almost all other teams are being considered for some of the top 6-9 players but Nashville. At one time we had signed Forsberg (Peter), Arnott, Dumont and Kariya but now it seems like we are the disfigured step-child locked up in the attic. I can't think of any other NHL team that has this much difficulty to attract top talent. Very frustrating!
I think there's 2 reasons why it might be tough to attract free agents this year:

1. We can't sell being a contender. Our best year ever was a near sweep in the 2nd round. Last year we were one of the worst teams in the NHL. We're going to have to show some life if we want to become a destination. Look at the teams on VL's list. They all either made the playoffs or came close. The perception around the league is that we're rebuilding.

There are two types of UFA's - guys that want a Cup and see themselves as the last piece of the puzzle - usually guys who have already made thier money. And guys looking for the fattest contract. VL is the first group. We might have a chance with the 2nd group.

2. We're a budget franchise. No one wants to play for a franchise that appears to be more interested in saving $$$'s than winning. Right or wrong, teams that spend are seen as teams that are trying to win a cup. Teams that hover around or just above the cap floor are not. We can debate all we want as to whether or not teams are spending wisely, but the perception is what it is.

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