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07-02-2013, 02:47 PM
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Blue Jackets East

I guess CBJ East continues since both Arniel and Newell Brown were former Blue Jacket coaches.

In Columbus Arniel:
Kept scratching Brassard - Brassard played much better immediately after Arniel left
Wouldn't play Nash on the PK even though Nash is an excellent PK'er.
Played Dorsett on the top line - The CBJ had injuries but not that many.

Arniel said he wanted to keep Nash fresh and really didn't give him many minutes/gm for a star player, especially for a star on a team without much other talent.

Shortly before Arniel was fired he had an exchange with the press where he was asked about the teams struggles 4 on 4. He said although the team gave up a 4 on 4 goal tonight that cost them, over all he felt the team played pretty well 4 on 4 so far that year. Fair enough until a reporter pointed out seconds later that the team was 0 GF and 7 GA 4 on 4 YTD. At that point Arniel kind of went off about the press piling on. I wouldn't expect him to know off the top of his head our GF/GA 4 on 4 but it was disturbing for a head coach not to realize it wasn't very good.

My favorite Arniel quote was he's talking about his troubles with the CBJ and basically saying that he has a good track record as a coach and (this is great) "I didn't just suddenly become stupid this season." Jackets fans all agreed. You know what he meant but it didn't come out right.

Truthfully, he had a good history as a coach despite the issues in Columbus and will probably be a solid add to the staff, I just couldn't help but take a few pot shots at him.


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