Thread: Confirmed with Link: Keith Ballard bought out
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07-02-2013, 03:39 PM
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Originally Posted by King of the ES View Post
I hate this move.

Ballard can play - we're letting an NHL defenceman walk away for nothing. A guy who might well have the ability to thrive under a new coach. A guy who was inexplicably and perpetually in the previous coach's doghouse.

The smarter thing would've been to allow some stupid GM to overpay for a guy like Edler in a trade. Now we're just making our roster worse, and drifting closer and closer towards Mediocristan. I don't get it.
This is so ridiculous there aren't even words for it, really.

First off, Ballard can't play. We watched him for over 150 games in a Canuck uniform, and he gave ZERO indication from start to finish that he was a capable top-4 NHL defender. He fails the eye test, fails the stats test, and fails the advanced stats test on this front. He sucked, period. And was given every opportunity not to suck.

Second, the notion that you should keep the assets that drag you down the most because they suck and have no value, and as a result are forced to trade assets of legitimate quality to get under the cap is the most ass-backward, ridiculous concept imaginable.

Ballard is a $4 million waste of space. $4 million waste of spaces don't help you win, under any circumstances.

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