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Originally Posted by Hockey Buddha View Post
MacTavish, by all reports, had the most lines in the water at the draft table of any GM, but none of those deals ultimately made sense for the Oilers. Apparently, MacTavish and Holmgren had a deal in principle in place, but according to reports, Holmgren backed out on it before it was consummated. The deal apparently centred around Colburn with multiple pieces going either way. According to various news stories, both sides are still talking and a deal could still happen.

These are trades involving multimillion dollar assets. I don't want our GM rushing into them, as much as I want things to happen, like everyone else.
Ftr i'm just saying the same thing as Halibut, that one prime opportunity has passed. I'm not judging the work prematurely.

That said, in ongoing dealings for Cobourn or anyone else I'll raise again that picks do, and should offer more incentive to other clubs BEFORE the draft. After a club has used their picks on their own preferential picks the value incumbent in these is of course null. The value of yet more prospects in an org loaded with prospects should also be considered nebulous. This being a commodity in excess that should have been moved.

MacT had a huge opportunity to leverage picks (which we don't need at all at this stage) to live bodies (which we do need.) This opportunity is passed. Its a one time opportunity thats not coming back.

We had a chance to use non players (picks) in barter to improve our present lineup. Now we will have to incur present player cost to obtain present player benefit. In otherwords NHL bodies for NHL bodies. The chance that we become substantially better through this course of action is arguably less in that you are giving up players in order to *add* to the lineup.

What I'm saying is an obvious point that everybody probably realizes but in lieu of discussion I think needs to be raised more often. Now we are only in net benefit territory, barring any free agent signings, raids, but I think we have a risk there as well with potentially losing Gagner.

hope this is clear

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