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Originally Posted by Cotton McKnight View Post
I quit competitive hockey back in 99-00 due to a concussion. Doc said no physical activity for a year. That really sucked, I ballooned up to 205lbs (from 165lbs). I dropped the weight quickly and back to tending goal, for fun in men's leagues and pickup games. Fast forward to 2008, I don't remember it happening, but I took another puck to the helmet and started having massive migraines after I would play goalie after that. So I just quit, now I am working on coming back into playing, as a forward. I would make sure you get tested, the full testing may help. In the 90's they just scanned and my brain and told me to sit out.

Go see a specialist, and if you play, play for fun. There is no sense in making yourself a vegetable from going after a job......
Sorry to hear your situation. You had to quit full contact hockey after only one concussion? It must've been really serious.

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