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Originally Posted by Paul Bunyan View Post
Nice. I wish I had a Moose sweater, I used to have a shirt of theirs from back in the day that my Gramps gave me, but of course, like everything else I grew out of it quickly.

If mine weren't big as tarps (and some that still won't fit) I'd be able to lay them out like that with a bunch of them. I did have a picture file with I think all my hockey ones, then all my soccer ones, all my rugby ones and then everything else together.

My last computer crashed though, and I think the files are on that one.

If I include other sports I'm in the hundreds easily. Now I guess I'm focusing more on gameworns. If I can't wear the majority of them, then there isn't much of a point unless you get something really worth it in my estimation.
PS: Look on the 'Bay for a Moose (MN) authentic but they can get pricey. I also have the black Starter semi pro too but I never really wear it. It's kinda cheap.

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