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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
the other thing that is troublesome is the roster fit this year and potentially next...

Smallish/undersized top - 9 : Desharnais, Gallagher, Gionta, Plekanec...

solid frame top- 9 :MaxPac, Eller, ~Galchenyuk

actually physical top-9: Bourque

If Thomas is good enough, skill-wise, to make our top-9 out of camp, that would give us 5 of 9 players that are undersized/smallish... with none of them being in the "elite" skill group.

That doesn't seem, after watching yet another post-season of "whistles in the pocket" officiating, as a recipe for building a contending roster, at least in the short-term.

Gionta is the only obvious guy to be moved/gone by 2014-15, but it's not like we have any physical/large-framed guys in the AHL that will be pushing to replace him.

MB better be confident Thomas will have a bigger impact this year/next, be it AHL or NHL, than Kristo will... which I suppose he must.

hope he's right.
Well, it's about the right mix of players. It's not just size. You have big guys who play small and small guys who play big. Now, I'm not saying I like the chances of winning with a bunch of angry dwarves from Middle Earth (who can play hockey, of course), but there's more to it than measurement.

I'll use Koivu as an example because I was never as big a fan as some were. But the dude was ferocious in the playoffs. You go to war with him, who cares about his height and size. We bring up the Ottawa series as proof of the Habs' softness, but the fact remains that Montreal generally outplayed Ottawa but got stung by injuries and game-changing saves and unlucky breaks. I would not retool the team based solely on the Ottawa series. Seriously, no injury to Emelin and Eller, a healthy Prust, Pacioretty and White, a one-year more mature Tinordi, and how OMG! soft are the Habs really?

My obscure point is that there's always room for talent, even soft guys (which Thomas doesn't seem to be), so long as you get the right mix. I don't think adding Thomas in place of Kristo makes a big difference to that mix. It's not like the Habs traded a Tom Wilson-prospect for Thomas. If there are serious core structural issues with the Habs' size etc, I just don't think this trade has much bearing one way or another.

/end ramble

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