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Originally Posted by That View Post
Especially when you consider he was the fourth leading scorer on the team. He finished third in goals, too. All as a rookie.

Connecticut didn't make the playoffs either.
Well you can also say that he did 35 points with teamates who did 62, 44, 39, 35 and 35 points.
He was fourth in points with two other players.
Most probably second line in AHL.
To be honest, I have no idea about his potential and we will know a lot more next season in AHL.
One thing for sure, he is a snipper and had always more goals than assists since 2008.

I am upset because we followed Kristo from 2008.
We all saw his progression and saw him rise to the top of WCHA (with his Knight).
Finally, we were able to have an idea of his real value.
Not saying that he is a sure top-6 but hopes are certainly there.
So without any time in AHL, we trade him.
We had learned to like Kristo through all those years.
Was our last hope from the 2008 draft.

Second, we read every complains about DD and his size.
About Gionta and Bouillon...
Now we have added Thomas and Reway (1" less) in 48 hours.

Let's hope we did good: Kristo was 56th in 2008 and Thomas was 40th in 2010.

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