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10-22-2006, 09:46 PM
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Originally Posted by Evil Ted View Post
I play in a mens contact league southern ontario and its just pathetic how little hockey is played. No one dares play without a full cage its about the dirtiest as it gets.

Usually for the 1st period and 3rd period we dont even need the puck, its "give someone a concussion" time and everyone just runs around the ice charging instead of actually play hockey as a result the games usually are won the the pp.

The refs have such a workload they cant call anything borderline or the game would take 2+ hours.

I have really become sick of this brand of hockey I am a big guy and enjoy contact but it seems that contact in the league is used mainly to injure other players, not to get possesion of the puck. There are alot of former jr players in the league so the skill level is right up there but its not hockey what we play. This probably will be the last season I will play because I cant afford to shred my knee up or just lose time from work because of injury like last season.

Its not fun going to games and thats why I play hockey for fun.

Wow, the rare men's league that allows contact. I guess there's a good reason why most beer leagues are non-check, and this sounds like it.

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