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Originally Posted by Viqsi View Post
Moore wasn't really notable during Arniel's tenure. He seemed to "like" Dorsett in that he gave DD tons of ice time, but I've also heard that DD didn't much care for him. So I dunno. Flip a coin.

See GoChill's post for a few more points - particularly the "never play Nash on the PK" bit, which drove us all through the ****ing roof. Seriously, at one point we had so many injuries we had to put Nash back on the PK, wherein he proceeded to kick ass and take names... and then Arniel yanks him right back off as soon as injuries heal. In a year where our PK was massively sucking. It was maddening.

He's not the HC, so he won't exactly destroy the Rangers. But his tenure here was g-dawful... and this coming from someone who put in a real effort to believe in the guy and thought he was going to be something special.

Hopefully he's learned from the experience. Otherwise...
Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
I feel bad for you guys, Arniel's a moron, I thought AV was terrible but following the Wolves as closely as I did through the lockout I was appalled by Arniel's coaching, we probably had the worst tandem of NHL & AHL head coaches last season.

I'm hoping it works out for you guys though!
Originally Posted by Sergei Shirokov View Post
Oh believe me he hasn't, he was just as bad coaching our minor league team last year in Chicago.
Yikes, that isn't good news at all. Hopefully it works out, but the pressing reviews on Arniel seems pretty awful so far.

Anyone know the work Samuelsson did? Coyotes fans lurking? Didn't like the departure of Sullivan, I thought he did a fantastic job working a great Rangers defense.

BTW Sergei Shirokov, how was Newell Brown?

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