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Originally Posted by Crimson Skorpion View Post
My thoughts...

On Kristo:
Losing Kristo hurts. Not the team, but me. I liked Kristo. I thought he had the tools to be an impact player on the Habs. I always favor those type of forwards that shape a top nine instead of having a bottom six. I think De La Rose will fit that mold perfectly when he's ready. I thought Kristo would also be there. If reports are true that he didn't want to play in Montreal, why would he sign that contract? Doesn't make sense. He was a head-case -- getting drunk and walking home barefoot leading to frostbite -- which could have been a major problem, especially in Montreal. Yet, he has the tools to make you forget about his off-ice problems.

However, in the AHL, he failed to impress me. I watched guys who were just coming in from Juniors and much younger than him, performing at a higher level. Kristo did show flashes but at his age and skill-set, you'd expect to see more than just flashes at the AHL level. Perhaps "not wanting to be a Habs prospect" factored in, if it's even true to begin with. He was one of my favorite prospects up front and left me undecided once I saw him with Hamilton.

On Thomas:

Knew nothing about him so I took the time to research him and watch him play a bit, both in the OHL and the AHL. My God, this kid is pretty good. Hell of a shot, quick on his skates and he competes on every shift. I really like his character and his ex-coaches and GMs all mention his character being good and how he is a leader on and off the ice. Can't hate on that.

The bad? No, not his size (shut up, already) but his instinctive skills are a little questionable. Watching him, he opts to shoot the puck all the time. Once he finds an open lane, he'll fire the puck as soon as he can. While he has a rocket of a shot, he still needs to use his teammates more and create plays rather than kill the play with a shot that has little chance of going in. I think that's his major flaw he needs to fix. Other than that, I can see Thomas playing in the bottom six and some PP time on the second unit, due to his shot. Imagine setting him up in the slot, a la Cammalleri.

The trade:

I'll wait to announce a clear cut winner. As of right now, both prospects seem to have qualities to their games and both have their flaws. Kristo is ahead overall, but Thomas is younger and his shot is a better attribute than anything Kristo can offer. We'll see how each player progresses, both in the AHL and the NHL.

Good luck, Kristo.

Great post.

You obviously liked Kristo but you are clearly giving Thomas a chance to prove himself wrong, great analysis too. After reading the first few pages of this thread, it was like if we had traded a superstar for nothing. I understand some people's love for Kristo but the fact is he is 23 years old and has yet to play a game in NHL. He might have a great set of skills, but it might not translate to the NHL level.
I know trading him to Rangers might bring back nightmares, but I hope Thomas can prove people wrong and we all end up liking him in Montreal.

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