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07-02-2013, 09:24 PM
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Four years reading that Kristo was great, had wheels, was a snipper.
Two years where I read: When is he coming? Is he going to become UFA?

Now a lot are saying he is worth nothing.

Quite cute to see the bandwagon going with Thomas and saying Kristo is ****.

No doubt Thomas has a great shot and somehow reminds me of Cammy, especially on PP.

But for now, Kristo seems to be faster, better in defense and was the best scorer in WCHA.

It will take years before this is settled. My god, the Kreider-Leblanc discussion is still not over.
But I do expect Kristo to play at least 40 games in NHL next season.

BTW, comparing Kristo in AHL with Thomas in AHL is unfair. They were in different teams. CT scored 213 goals whereas Dogs did 159. That's 34% more.

Yes he was fourth in scoring with two players at 35 points.
But he was also 10th in ppg at par with Kreider (.48).
Among rookies in the Whale he was third at .48 behind Miller and Hrivik.
So please do not spin the numbers too much.
After all Kristo was the best of UND.

At first, this does not look so good.
Only thing we can do is wait and see if this turns out better than it looks for now.
Alea jacta est.

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