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01-08-2004, 05:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Dr. van Nostrin
The Oilers have always traded their top players for younger players. That is rebuilding.
This is where you and I disagree. What the Oilers are doing is trying to keep themselves above water.

Case in point: Trading Guerin for Anson Carter
Trading Anson Carter for Radek Dvorak
Acquiring Brad Isbister
Dealing for Cory Cross
Hecht being one of the prime returns in the Weight deal

These are not moves that spark me as rebuilding. Most of these players were around 25 years old and older. Players that were in the NHL but had yet to enter their "prime" years of contributing to a team. To me that is not rebuilding properly... it is stalling the club in the present in order to get a crack at making the playoffs. It's looking for a way to help the club now first and hopefully in the future later.

If I trade Anson Carter, why bring back a 27 year old Dvorak? I trade Niinimaa, why take back a 26 year old in Brad Isbister back?

Why not go for a Lundmark? Tyutin? Garth Murray? Trent Hunter? Bergenheim?

Looking at it... doesn't it look like an organization that's spinning its wheels so to speak? Getting draft picks in a deal does necessariily equate to rebuilding. Draft picks are exchanged in deals all the time and do not always constitute a rebuild for a club. Philly certainly wasn't rebuilding when they dealt Fedotenko, etc. for the 4th overall.

Satan is 29 years old at the moment with a 10 million dollar deal. That is inherently the opposite direction for a club to take... The Oilers have always finished in the 7-8th spot... Sure. A lot of excitement for one round in the playoffs but that's all we get. (And I know that teams like Calgary would die for that opportunity) But we are consistently stuck drafting in the midteens or later and hoping that one of our picks turns into something special.

I know Kevin Lowe wants to win. But dealing for Satan is not the correct way to go about it. Satan, as I stated, is 29 years old... and by the time his contract ends he will (most likely) be gone as a 31 year old. Satan will be our highest paid forward... and he is well known for being a streaky one at that.

Kevin Lowe wants to compete as much as the next person. But it takes a special person to know when to fold the cards and start over.

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