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10-23-2006, 06:11 AM
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Sourey and Rivet have been attrocious defensively this year. And you have to not know your hockey to not see it. Ever since the start of the season every damn times we play great in the game, where our defensemen get the puck out quickly and so forth, everything is going's always Rivet and Sourey that mess things up, we're stuck in our zone forever and then the momentum shift for the other team. Every damn time there's a momentum shift it's because of Sourey! I'm not making things up, i'm not hating for the sake of it. Watch him carefuly the next game we play, against Buffalo. The guy just hasn't adapted well to the new NHL and he can't even do the simple play without getting caugth. Watch a Buffalo player throw the puck on his side in our zone: all he would have to do is making a simple play and throw the puck to another Habs player. But he won't do that, he'll panic like a rookie, then the other Sabres will get in the corner and grind and next thing you know, all the team will be in trouble and we'll be stuck in our zone forever.

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