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Originally Posted by MikeD View Post
Hank, Thanks for the kind words for my Son, Hank. HE has had a lot of fun and success. As a spectator I am proud of him regardless of the performance he gives. Just the level of his dedication to the position is impressive. He is now a Pee Wee Major. His Mite year, after that scrimmage against Fort Erie saw him go 18-1-2 with 11 shut outs(Tier III/A). His Squirt Major(Tier I/AAA) Season saw him finish with a 32-2-3 record w/9 shut outs, GAA .984 and a S% .967. Best Stats in the state but the power ranking for Empire West moved him down to 4th.

Welcome to the club. The youngest years as a mini-mite and mite were my favorite years of watching the little guy play. Best wishes to you and yours. I hope you have as much fun as we have over the last 8 years.

Alexander as a 4.5 year(roller) his first season...We had to carry him to the far end at period ends cause he would trip over the gear and get embarrassed. Once you put him down in net...he was a little demon.

Ring Bearer:

Mite year/ blocker save:

Summer Camp: Can you tell who the shooter is? Alex dropped on the deke but pulled one of those Hasek Moves, pushing the stick out to buy time while brining the glove around to slam at the post. Stopped the goal...

Shooter is Dave Christian: Team USA 1980

Squirt season:

3 on 0 stop Vs a GTHL(toronto) All Stars...

And last season End....

I probably should start a "brag/show off your kids thread but I just couldnt resist.
Hahaha. Those are some great pics.
Yeah, I'm very excited to get my son into a lot of sports. It's not because I want him to be a pro player or stud athlete (although, either would be nice) but rather, like you said, to simply watch him play and compete.
I loved playing sports as a kid and my parents tell me all the time how watching me and my brothers play competive sports was some of the best times of their lives.

Hope your kids continue to do well and have fun.

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