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07-03-2013, 12:48 AM
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Originally Posted by JohnZ622 View Post
Sorry to hear your situation. You had to quit full contact hockey after only one concussion? It must've been really serious.
The concussion was the icing on the cake, I was a goalie, it happened during a three puck drill. First puck save low blocker, then immediately, second puck pushed down on my collar bone (bruised not broken, and slowed the blood flow up to my brain, combine that with the concussion of the next puck) third puck hit me in the side of the head. This literally all happened within a second. It was the end of practice for the last regular season practice right before the playoffs.

So I sat there for a second, stunned and out of it, drove home and then started having stroke like responses to the injury (at home, not driving), checked into the ER and stayed for a day. The next day my neurologist gave me the one year off mandate. After that I went back to visit the neurologist, and I failed his tests. I would have been able to go to college and play, maybe even get a scholarship (I lived on my own and I was 17, so colleges loved that I wrote essay's about surviving well on my own at age 17).

I really love the game, but knew I would have struggled to make Pro a career. To me it was not worth it to get head hunted anymore for a paycheck. So I played men's leagues and tourney's and just played for pure enjoyment.

When the concussions came back out of nowhere (nine years later) I was having slurred speech, numbness of lips and extremities (and I was 70 pounds overweight) only after I would play goal. Got MRI'd three times in 08`, checked out by a bunch of doctors, no one saw anything to be worse than in 99-00. I blamed my weight for not being able to handle the higher level men's leagues I was wanting to play in. The doctors just shrugged and suggested not playing goal anymore and taking it easy as a forward or D-man (most of my doctors played sports still, some even played hockey). Obviously my wife was not ok with me doing this to myself so I just stopped tending net. Now I can go out and run on a hot day and do physical activity (still 70 pounds overweight, but now actually working on getting back in great shape) and I am just fine, no migraines, no stroke-like-symptoms. So I have bought some roller hockey equipment (closest and only ice sheet within 80 miles is 44 miles away) to help me get back to playing some hockey.

Sorry to thread jack OP, just be careful, make sure you address any symptoms you have and don't just tell yourself, "it'll be fine tomorrow," then drive home and scare yourself for nearly driving a car while your brain kicks your rear around to scare you into the ER.

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