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10-23-2006, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I don't like Clarke much, though he could play on my team anytime. I think he did a poor job of foreseeing the type of players he would need, esp. on defense.

As far as the Kessler situation, while I don't really like the idea of going after rfa's, he played within the rules. I don't see how this made a difference.
Any smart and respecful GMs know this is not a way to acquire players.. Any org will keep their young talended kids, they are just trying to resign them for cheap.. Trying to get young RFA is just a stupid way to make the salaries and players movement going crazy.. As good as a kid may be, if he keeps working hard and improve his game, he will earn big money at about 26-27 years old, giving them big money at the begin of their carreer isnt the proper way to go IMO, some will sit on their paycheck and the quality of the game will decrease.. What make the game so exciting right now is the high level of intensity displayed, what was badly lacking before the lock-out.. I would even say it has a bigger impact than the new rules prevaling.. You see more and more kids earning jobs and more and more vets retiring but give the kids millions reasons to slack down and the show will suffer. Teams are trying to establish good work habits, here it took Gainey behind the bench to put some order, the Leafs fired Quinn, hired Maurice and let some vets walk away.. Ask any Leafs players, they are skating and sweating a big deal since the begin of the camp.. DiPietro, who just reached a long term deal earning about 5 millions per season, decided to stay in the net about 1 week ago after the team was down something like 6-1 and that Nolan wanted to replace him by Dunham... I guess Snow had a good meeting with the kid cause Dunham started the next 3 games for the Islanders... When you have a guarenteed contract in your pocket, you can do what you want, most will honour their contract but other will sit on their big fat *** and do what they want, such as making a coatch fired..

While I dont think it was correct to boo Brisebois last night, I can understand some fans had some good reasons to do it... Brisebois made in Savard's hands after giving him his big contract... The guy was lazzy, was cheating and playing some pretty ugly hockey.. I think most Habs fans just cant stand lazzyness and this is the first one reason why Brisebois wasnt appreciated over here..

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