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10-23-2006, 11:04 AM
Mad Habber
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By the way, even if they're false, they're still his teeth.

The Kessler thing. Whatever, it wasn't the first time it was done, probably won't be the last. I just hope it doesn't happen to the Habs. Either way, we make an offer or one of our players gets an offer. I think it throws your pay structure out of wack, and it may garner resentment.

Clarke's problem was his defense corps of lumbering buffuloes in a league that is moving more towards the gazelle. Big and slow versus quick and agile. In the past, goaltending was an issue, but I don't believe that is the case this year. Also a lot of leadership left the Flyers this past summer.

Finally, Hitchock's message wasn't getting through anymore. This usually happens when coaches are as demanding as he is. The same thing happened to him in Dallas and the same thing will happen in his next assignment. He is a good coach, so that next assignment should come soon. Pat Burns had the same problem everywhere he went. Good coach again, but eventually the players will tune you out when you are that demanding. Of course it happens to all coaches, it just seems that the more demanding, the quicker they will tune you out at the first sign of failure.

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