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Habs - Management + Team = Stanley Cup?

TITLE: Habs: Management + Team = Stanley Cup
[Sorry but the topic looks like Habs MINUS Management, which isn't what I meant]

The Habs this season as you all know have some of the best management in the NHL, if not the best. What I'm wondering is (with the recent PK/PP being among the top in the league) do you think Montreal has a serious serious shot at winning the Stanley Cup this season?

Lets take a look at our GM. Bob Gainey. A man who has done nothing but smart trades since he's gotten here. (As apose to past GM's who did horribly with trades, Dennis Savard for Chris Chellios ETC). He definitely been a deciding factor in Montreal's improvement.

Carboneau & Muller. These are the guys that brought us the cup in 93'. Carboneau definitely has been showing that he can get our guys to play well both ways. (Hence the Penalty killing and the Power plays). I feel that Carboneau is improving our defensive play and making our forwards not get caught as much as apose to other years. As well, you've got Muller as the assistant coach who I'm sure is also getting our guys to play defensively but also getting our d-men (Souray, Rivet, Markov) to shoot the puck.

Souray is already having a much better season.
Bonk is already having a decent season.

I think that in 93' the habs won the cup due to many factors. It's hard to really say what contributed to them winning it, good goaltending? good luck? good defense? All I know is, that was the NHL then and this is the NHL now, and Carb + Muller know what they are doing. I think by the second half of the season MTL will be a solid 2nd in our division.

What do you guys think? You think the management and coaching could lead to the habs winning the cup this season?

Everything is looking good so far. Even with injuries etc, the habs aren't falling apart. They seem to be solid this season. Especially after the 8-5 win against Colorado, it shows our team can put the puck in the net. (*Granted, Jose Theodore WAS the other teams goalie, my kid brother could've gotten one of two in on him, had being given the chance. )

If anybody would like to elaborate or add to anything I've said, I'd love to know your thoughts and opinions. If you don't think MTL is going to win this season, I'd like to know who you think will.

I think it's going to come down to Montreal-Buffalo EAST. Don't know about WEST yet though.

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