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07-03-2013, 03:31 AM
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Originally Posted by The Mouth View Post
Gordie Clark was just talking Christian Thomas up, saying he finished strong and should see a lot of PP time with the Pack, which he did not last year. it's kinda mystifying to me why they traded the guy they thought could get a shot this upcoming year, but most likely next year for Kristo.
I think it comes down to this:

1. Cally and Hags are hurt for a couple of weeks.

2. With AV, there might be more of a need of skill on the depth lines.

3.a Kristo is more ready than Thomas. More complete.

3.b Kristo is distincivly a better fit under AV than Thomas. When AV's team in Vancouver got controll of the puck in their own end, they sent two forwards up ice and created a triangle down low with one of the forwards going up the boards on one side and one of the D's on the other, and the second D down deep at the bottom of the triangle. Those three players make a plays with the puck individually or between them to get away from the forecheckers. Once they do that and get an open passing line, the two forwards up ice curves so they can receive a pass and very often ends up in more or less 2 on 2 situations heading up ice. AV really likes his forwards high up ice being able to drive the puck to the net instead of just shipping it in and going after it. That really sticks out when you watch Van.

Kristo is very good at heading up ice with the puck and driving to the net. I don't know if Kristo skates that well, I am not blown away by his vision nor his shot really, but he is very good at skating with the puck. Beating his guy and making a play. Making it count.

Look, I am just guessing here. But I wouldn't at all be suprised if this is how this trade went down: (i) AV and the brass sits down and look at what they have. Line for line more or less. (ii) They cover Cally and Hags being injured for a couple of weeks early in the season, and see that there is at least one winger position that is wide open early in the season unless AV wants to work with Torts leftovers (Asham and co) higher up the lineup. (iii) AV concludes that we are short on speed on the depth lines (this is quite obvious conclusion by AV comparing our 4th lineers with Van's 4th lineers...). This is an area of weekness in the organization. Players capable of skating the puck up ice and making plays with it. Think Jannick Hansen. Think even Dale Weise. And several others in Vancouvers. (iv) They start looking around the league, and to atleast add more or less depth in this department. (v) AV brings up a player they where high on in Vancouver: Danny Kristo. He says something like this is a player our scouts in Van liked and I liked, but we could never get him. Slats picks up the phone, and manage to get it done.

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