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07-03-2013, 07:26 AM
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Originally Posted by habshound247 View Post
I understand the frustration that is generated from this trade after waiting for 5+ years to get Kristo ready to tryout for the team. The McDonough/Gomez trade also has to be factored in, as in once bit twice shy. But let both of them at least get to the NHL before deciding if this was a bad deal or not. Shouldn't Thomas at least be given a chance to fail before he is branded a failure?
Yes he should and folks are overreacting in this thread.

That being said though, the move still doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.
Originally Posted by Fel 96 View Post
I'm sorry but I really can't see how MTL did the wrong move by trading Kristo.

Don't you remember all his stupid off ice antics? Seems like they got rid of a troublemaker to me.

As for Thomas, watched him a couple of times in the AHL last season. You guys should be excited.
Well, that's a positive.
Originally Posted by Crimson Skorpion View Post
The epitome of everything wrong with this board, at the moment.

"I did my research... saw his height and his weight... I now feel comfortable giving my full opinion on said player and his progression."
There's some truth to this but by the same token it's still weird that we've made this kind of deal.

We have immediate needs on our team coming into this season and we've been talking about the importance of size for a while now. If we're trading away Kristo, that's fine. I'd have just preferred that we had used this asset for something that would help us in the immediate future rather than getting another small forward prospect.

I don't think this is a bad trade per say... I just think that we could've spent this asset elsewhere. I am open minded though and hopefully our guys saw something that will translate to the big leagues someday.
Originally Posted by BaseballCoach View Post
I think this deal is pretty straightforward. Kristo being older and closer to UFA and having completely not impressed anyone during his 9 game sin the AHL has no more value than what you just saw, fetching a 40th overall pick who potted 19 goals as a rookie in the AHL.

Throwing a prospect into a package is usually a losing proposition, see McDonagh.

It's actually not true that we have a lot of what Thomas brings. Truth is, Hamilton is kind of starved for offensive players.

I have no problem at all with this move that buys us development time for a prospect with NHL potential.

Our needs for a crease-clearing defenceman and a scorer to replace Ryder could not be addressed by dangling Kristo.

There is the primary UFA market (Clarkson, etc.), secondary UFA market that will develop after all the expensive guys are taken, the waiver wire, as some overpriced guys but with some skill are made available, and of course the trade market, possibly using assets that could have value in the league like Moen, Diaz, Bourque or Gionta, and even Gorges, Plekanec or Markov, depending on the returns.
People have brought up McDonnaugh in this thread a fair bit. I'd say that was a completely different scenario as the whole trade was brutal to begin with. That "throw in" was horrific for a whole slew of reasons.

Kristo is a different story. He's the kind of guy you can package up with other assets for a decent player. Unlike McDonnaugh, Kristo isn't a good enough prospect to get something of value on his own. So if you want something of value (at least for today) I think it makes sense to bundle him with something else.
Originally Posted by NelloMello View Post
chalk up another one for Sather! He stole McDonaugh from us now Kristo. I don't care Thomas's potential, the key word here he's undersized and goes against the Habs building plans. I don't get this trade at all. Word was that Kristo mindset towards Hockey was questionable and look what he did last year nevertheless. Can you imagine when he's on his game + the super speed factor. Sather has stolen another one from right under our noses. WTF!!!!
McDonaugh was a completely different situation and this isn't anywhere close to that. We actually have a chance at winning this trade.

I agree though that it doesn't make a whole lot of sense that we've traded for yet another small forward.

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