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Originally Posted by Grant McCagg View Post
I was talking to a crossover scout yesterday who noted that Crisp is one tough SOB. Mentioned that he's not a very good skater, but was surprised when I told him that Crisp scored 22 goals. Obviously he was flying under teams' radars as Erie ended up not having any other guys to scout at year's end with Harper and Betz falling off the map.

The Habs had Crisp at their mini combine, and according to Trevor he "really surprised us" in the skating department. I guess he's come a long way in that regard. It should also be noted that the Habs put an emphasis on skating in the offseason, and have one of the best skating teachers in the business in Paul Lawson.
Great to hear! From personal experience, if you've never had the chance or put the time into improving your explosiveness, vertical or fast-twitch muscles in your legs, there is HUGE room for improvement. I know most young players I played with put an emphasis on strengthening their bodies and putting on mass and forget to work on conditioning a lot of specific muscle areas that help improve your overall speed and agility. He's got room to grow and Paul Lawson will help him with that.

Might be a steal! It's nice to see the Habs picking up on these under-the-radar type guys.

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