Thread: Speculation: Vinny signs which center traded?
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07-03-2013, 09:47 AM
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Originally Posted by blinds View Post
I don't understand this, it's not like players are born to play a certain position and that's it. Centers especially can move between all forward positions.

I really just dont see it "stunting the growth" of our young players by moving them to wing. They're still learning because they're young, it would be harder to make the move the older they get. Maybe it takes them a season to adjust to wing, but they're already developing anyway. It's not like it puts the rest of their development on hold when they switch from center to wing, they still learn.

The only ones who I see as not being able to move to wing are Lecavalier and Couturier. They wouldn't be as effective on wing given their play style. Giroux, Schenn, Laughton, Talbot and Read are all very capable of moving to wing.
I will disagree here. Your taking players who basically played a position (Center) for their entire careers and expect them to switch to a different role. Now I think the most difficult part of this is the mindset, as a center you have a certain role to fill and you have been doing for probably what feels like forever. Its not exactly easy to break habits. And some play styles just don't translate well to the outside. And on top of all that, they are trying to learn the position against the toughest of competitions, it would be one thing if you asked Laughton for instance to shift to the wing at Juniors. I think by moving some players to the wing (ie Laughton) you actually lower his skill ceiling. You take away alot of what makes him so desirable, similar to the reasons people would prefer not to move Coots to wing. The problem is you need to trade from your strengths to fix your weaknesses, and right now down the middle we are super deep and very talented.

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