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01-08-2004, 07:06 PM
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Originally Posted by DarthSather99
Are you saying the system the NBA uses with the luxury tax allows teams to trade? NBA trades are about contracts that are about to expire, not talent.
That's freaky. My quote was attributed to Davisian in your post.

Your point is taken. The NBA salary structure curtails trades greatly. But the current NHL system doesn't! Picking up on Davisians' thought, I suggest these four (very general) changes to the next CBA, as a measured start toward rectifying economic woes.

*less liberal arbitration rights
*stricter rookie cap including bonuses
*Owners should call the NHLPA's bluff/offer of a 5% across-the-board salary cut. Ask for a 10% salary cut, with a corollary reduction in the regular season schedule to 72 games per team. Less work, less compensation.
*luxury tax (ultra-soft high cap) and leaguewide dispersement of said resource$. Tied to this, importantly, would be a final change: no restriction on the amount of $$$ that can be exchanged in a deal, with the salary that said $$$ covers not counting against either team's cap number. This would allow transactions to still occur frequently, and importantly, would serve as a "natural" revenue sharing system, by allowing "poorer" franchises more opportunity to take on larger contracts (from teams like NYR), while those contracts would be subsidized in part by the player's previous team, should they choose to make the deal. Both teams would benefit and salaries would not be restricted dramtically, either.

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