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Originally Posted by mbeam View Post
I've played on beer league teams where it's gone both ways. Usually we have a quick talk before playoffs start to decide how we want to play it. Do we want to have PP and PK lines? Do we want to put out our best players in the last minute if a game is tight? Or do we just want to roll lines? That way we are at least all on the same page before even hitting the ice.

While I agree that beer league is just for fun and it shouldn't be taken too seriously, I do still think that some level of competitiveness should be expected. To me, it's the difference between an organized beer league and a pick up game. Even though both are casual, pay-to-play environments, one has a level of expected competitiveness. That's just my experience anyways.
I agree with this for the most part. It's not a pick up game, we played 12 regular season games and switched goalies mid season to fight for the last playoff spot. Did we do all that work so that our playoff run could be decided by one guy in the last minutes? I guess it's "beer league" hockey but at a pretty competitive level, so we do want to win.

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