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07-03-2013, 10:08 AM
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Originally Posted by ddawg1950 View Post
The one thing that bugs me more than anything else is that the ****ing NHL,approved Lou's contract and then turned around and changed the rules to punish teams that signed players like this.

The rule change destroyed the market for Luongo.

Gillis tried to bluff his way through it and was left with egg on hIs face.

As Jack Tripper stated, he was lucky to be able to turn the situation into a 9th round pick.

As for Roberto, he is now officially untradeable.

So he either sucks it up and plays his heart out and proves all the doubters wrong or he craps the bed and destroys his own legacy.

The choce is pretty clear and I think it will be an easy choice for him to make.
Ya this is what really bugs me about the whole situation as well. It is completley ridiculous for a contract signed under the old CBA to be punished under the new one. This is just not how business works and hard not to feel jilted as a Canucks fan. The "Luongo Rule" cost us a better, cheaper, and younger goaltender. It's completley unfair.

Once that happened and Luongo turned down the Leafs, there wasn't much Gillis could do but ride this out. It got to the end and there was only one choice. Nobody wants Luongo. We're stuck with him and have to watch a better goalie walk away. Beyond frustrating as a Canucks fan.

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