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10-23-2006, 01:35 PM
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Originally Posted by weezman View Post
I've played in leagues where even though its non-check there are still guys out there that are only there to hurt someone. Its weak.
It's because hockey players hide behind a bunch of crap 'non-written' rules that allow meathead players to lose their tempers and act out any thought of aggression they might have.

Had a bad day at work? Go ahead and splatter some unsuspecting soul into the boards in a non-contact league. If he has a problem with it he should drop the gloves. Otherwise respect 'the code', S.T.F.U. and keep skating.

Hockey is the only sport on this planet that encourages people to act like children and not control their temper. Players are constantly having tantrums on the referees and opposing players. How else do you explain a sport that promotes PIM's. The same PIM"s that allow your opposition an unfair advantage to score a goal.
How many times have you heard or read a GM saying "We really like this kid. He can score goals and he racks up the PIM's". All the time. Now, when's the last time you heard of a NFL GM saying "We gotta pick up this DB. He's big, fast and he's racked up a tonne of pass interference calls".

And these aren't even my words. Ken Dryden has mentioned this numerous times before. Hockey is a great sport but it promotes childish reactions.
I've lost my temper a number of times while playing baseball, basketball, footbal and even boxing. But only in hockey was I ever allowed to act out with a childish temper tantrum and recieve pat on the back for it.

Case in point: Look at the Edmonton-Detroit game on Saturday. Dany Markov caught Jarett Stoll with a perfectly clean body check. A check that is 100% legal in the rule book. What happened after the hit was delivered? Ethan Moreau tried to kill Markov. Can you imagine if Jason Taylor sacked Payton Manning only to be KO'd by Marvin Harrison afterwards?

I know this has gone completely off topic but I had to rant about this for a second. There will be a LOT of people here that disagree with me and say "Don't be a p*ssy. This is a mans game! But in reality, it's a game played by men who are allowed to act like children at times. That includes the pro game and busch leagues.

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