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Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
If they're going to keep paying him (which is required to get the cap hit), they'd also have to devote a roster spot to him.

And if the Canucks are paying half the salary they're also forced to keep half his cap hit making the effect almost indistinguishable from just accepting the penalty.

Keeping a healthy guy on LTIR is a wholly different matter than getting a healthy guy on LTIR. There's no requirement to activate a healthy player (which is what the Canucks exploited a couple of times) but there is a very rigorous standard for getting a player on LTIR. Every single player they've put on LTIR was clearly and legitimately injured.

Even Malhotra never went on LTIR, likely because they couldn't prove he was unfit to play.
Yeah, that's what I was wondering. I do kind of have this expectation that at some point Fehr will make some kind of nuisance about this, but he'll probably wait until as many players get buyouts as possible. It might lower the escrow pool moving forward, but it still creates a free agent market and drives up contract values overall. Now every GM that missed out on Lecavalier likely feels like they should give a similar contract to Iginla or whathaveyou.

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