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07-03-2013, 11:57 AM
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Originally Posted by I in the Eye View Post
Definitely could be... Was in full on rant mode last night! Maybe I'm just conditioned to think that the better goaltender you have, the better... and in terms of cap hit, both Schneider and Luongo are both not taking an extraordinary amount... But analysis could show it's not the end of the world (or even better in terms of winning) with simply "good enough" goaltending... if the team around is built stronger...

But to go from such a position of strength to a position of weakness, I don't know if that was in the plans... Apparently both Aquillini and Gillis flew to Florida... If Gillis didn't want Lu back, seeing what I saw last weekend, I'd imagine he stayed home and write Lu an email... "It wasn't my intent for you to feel this way"... About what can be reasonably expected in terms of an email apology, from a ruthless man who feels like he made the right, difficult decision... no trip to Florida necessary, if Luongo being on board or not is not a big deal...
He has to mend fences to make Luongo a going concern here again. In the immediate future, that's his only play. Once that's established, and his contributing to the team, they can still keep watch of a potential move.

Originally Posted by opendoor View Post
Yeah, I strongly disagree. There's a vast difference between winning with average goaltending and winning with a seemingly average starter who performs extremely well. Over the regular season and the playoffs Crawford put up a .929 sv% over nearly 1500 shots; you can't reasonably say that he was merely "competent".

Cheaping out on goaltending to spend money up front doesn't get you Chicago; 9 times out of 10 it gets you Tampa or Philadelphia.

The seemingly average starter is what I'm referring to. Crawford for the larger parts of his career was viewed as merely competent. However, in a short sample, he performed at a high rate. This would be no different. The point is that the move away from the elite, heavily priced goalie, could pay more dividends for the rest of the roster. It's not a requirement.

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