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07-03-2013, 12:12 PM
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Name: Rather not say on the interwebz
Age: 18
Location: Somewhat close to Kitchener Ontario
Favourite current Hab: Price, Diaz, Eller, Too many to name but Price
Favourite all time Hab: Richard Beliveau Roy Desjardins Koivu
Favourite beverage: Coca Cola
Favourite food: Pizza
Favourite movies: Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Dark Knight Trilogy
Favourite music: Too many to name, Pink Floyd Beatles etc.
Hobbies/interests: Road hockey
Origin of your screen name: Kinda the only thing available
How long you've been a habs fan? since birth
How did you became a habs fan? I was born
Jerseys owned: Price, Cammalleri, a few blanks
Your Choice Habs Captain 2010/11: I wanted Gorges
Price or Halak 2010/11? Price
Predicted Habs Finish 2010/11: I dont remember
What is the most useless item you own: Probably my skates since i dont use them often
Why it didn't work out between you and Megan Fox: I was out of her league
Celebrity Man crush: It was supposed to be Vinny as of yesterday. So lets just go with Justin Trudeau
Would you rather be a Ninja or Wizard: Ninja
If you were commisioner for a day you would: move the yotes to QC

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