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10-23-2006, 02:51 PM
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I wonder if it is more of the bottom of the radius profile not being centered properly or having too much? With out math, Trace the blade profile on a piece of paper. Using a string, small board with a nail you can draw some arcs for different sized circles. A string length from nail to pencil of 3' will give you the radius profile of a 6' Rocker. 4.5' long string will draw an arc that is equal to the 9' rocker, etc etc. compare that to the tarace of his skate blade and you should find what matches and see where the flat protion is located. It very well could be too far forward or back of the skate causing balance problems. Some very inexperianced skaters would benefit from a larger rocker for more blade surface but if you can help him learn with the smaller PROPERLY ground profile it will be to the youngsters advantage.

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