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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
First, I responded to never dominated in College. Which isn't true. He did. NCAA is obviously not tougher than in the AHL. But you have better teamates in the AHL than in the NCAA even if my beloved Corban Knight was playing on his line. And you keep talking about dominating....did Thomas dominate the AHL last year? He did good for a rookie but didn't dominate as well. And dominating is a really strange beast. Patrice Bergeron didn't dominate the Q and yet he dominates the NHL. Tons of players who didn't dominate their lower leagues, do so in the higher one.

Thomas did have 3 points in his first 7 games in the AHL. Yet for the whole month of January, which is not the start of his AHL career, he ended up with 2 points in 11 games. Again, NOT to diminuish what Thomas did, again, I like the kid. But just that tough stretches happens. And Kristo had it tougher when he joined the Dogs. Yet, while he looked lost, and since we seems to be talking solely about points here....Kristo had 3 points in his 9 games. Thomas had 5 points in his first 9 games. Hudon who we all love and adore and who played better had....3 points in 9 games. Vail 4 points in 12, Archambault 2 points in 10. Yet, they are all younger than him...but being older does not give you this additional power that it's automatically easier to adapt to anything even by playing on the worst AHL team. So Kristo had more trouble than I thought to....maybe a bad stretch? We'll see as soon as next year. I hope I'm wrong, actually I kinda don't as it will mean that I saw something that was never there....but I suspect that he'll do good. Thing is...Thomas will do great too. That's the only good news of letting Kristo go is that we got something valuable in return.
Whitesnake. i never used the word dominate. You did. i responded to your initial post where you said there is a chance that Kristo can dominate. I said I don't know why you would expect him to dominate when he hasn't till now. He scored 26 goals as a 22 year old in the NCAA. That's not dominating. Crosby dominated. Stamkos. Shea Weber. Hell Locke dominated the O. Kristo scoring 26 goals in his final college year is not dominating - especially when he plays 9 games in the A and does squat.

As for those other players

Thomas was 20, Hudon & Vail were 19. Kristo was 22. Is presently 23 and if he goes for a stint in the A will be 24 if & when he makes it to the NHL.

I'd be very surprised if he plays more than 20 games in the NHL this year.

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