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Originally Posted by I am the Liquor View Post
Did Mact say they were going to hire Acton? Because Brownlee did.

Seems like he either knows what is going on, or he is a really good guesser. Either way, he spelled it out, and he identified the reason why Buchberger has been along for the ride the whole time.

You are only embarrassing yourself here.
I'm embarrassing myself by pointing out that your criteria for Worlds Greatest Oilers Insider = repeating what our GM said in a press conference. Gotchya.

I won't get into Acton other than to say Brownlee wasn't the only guy to bring his name up. I could elaborate there but why bother. Once you get your 'point' countered you drop it completely and come back with a condescending remark.

I have no idea why you're stuck on Brownlee and why you care what I think of him. For the 3rd (4th? 5th?) time, I'm not interested in debating that with you. Go right ahead and respect the opinions of whomever you choose and don't feel the need to keep on trying to justify that with me, I'm not too concerned about who you like and dislike.

My issue, again for the 3rd (4th? 5th?) time, was your use of the term "by all accounts". You said it to try and make a weak argument stronger, and you got called on it. Not sure what else to say there other than; deal with it and move on.

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