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07-03-2013, 02:37 PM
Ed finally concedes!
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Originally Posted by JDinklage Morgoone View Post
No man, calm down. I just don't understand why he keeps getting brought up as some ******** still hurting our team. If Mason craps the bed next year, there won't be as big a backlash because Mason is signed to a 1 year deal. It's really an easy fix.

Philly is a tough city to be a goalie, a tough city to be a QB, a tough city to be a starting pitcher, etc. It's tough everywhere, but these positions are put under a ridiculous microscope by the media and fans alike. My only beef with this topic is that rather than talking about how tough it is to play here, the topic, it becomes an immediate character assassination on Bryzgalov. I am glad he's gone, but I want him to be gone in all facets. It's over!
Because as Snider and Holmgren admitted he was a "mistake" and a big mistake that we are trying to still correct. It's only logical that there is a correlation between Bryz and Philadelphia goalie hell since he was the most recent mistake. As far as the character assassination that is just something that can't be controlled but again it's only a natural manifestation.

Yeah Mason could be a smaller mistake but if we continue down this path of goalie uncertaintly you can't just chalk it up as occurring in some vacuum. There has to be context. I mean how long do we continue to mishandle the goaltending situation before somebody pays the price (namely Holmgren)?

No matter how it's framed..with Bryz brought up or not (which I don't know how he can't be) we have a goaltending problem in this city and it needs to get resolved one way or another and I'm not talking about panicking and not doing our homework like we did when we acquired Bryz...

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