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Originally Posted by Trafalgar Law View Post
I don't think Amateur scouting is the problem. We could probably use a few more scouts for the OHL/QMJHL since we seem to be picking a disproportionate amount of players in the WHL, but overall we're a pretty average team.

Now pro scouting on the other hand... just what the ****. It's astounding that guys like Whitney/Teubert/Belanger/Fraser have been recommended by this staff.
I don't know if I'd be all that mad.

Whitney hands were tied, and it wasn't really a scouting mistake as much as a health issue.

Belanger. Guy wasn't that bad until he got here.

Fraser, honestly there is nothing wrong with the guy. He fits the role he was suppose to do here perfectly in LA.

The real problem this team has is not having enough good players, thus putting more pressure on the depth guys.

Is a bit dissappointing that they could find some gems around the league, then again I don't think ST had the balls to pull the trigger either. I mean when you are using Smyth and Petrell in the same game as centers when Adam Hall and other are available for free, there is more to the issue then scouting.

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