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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
What if we offered him 7 years $63 million.
Is he worth that? Right now? No.

In five years? Probably for sure.

What does that cost us in draft picks?

How many first round picks is a young franchise defenseman worth?

would you trade Mantha, Quincey, Sheahan and McCollum for Pietrangelo?

I would.
Would I make that deal? Yeap. In a snap. The problem is they're also a business. Those 4 first rounders come cheap; the key to winning is to roll the dice and get pieces cheap to surround your "core"

Most of the best teams are spending more than half their cap on their 5 best guys (I believe, this was definitely true in 2010 but I haven't checked the numbers since).

I'm not sure if it was you, but a lot of people talk about Chicago's re-tooling on the fly system and basically the whole reason it works is because they only pay for the core and let everyone else go by/be replaced.

Now, do I happen to agree with you that Pietrangelo is worth it? Yes. But that's how you lose, pick the wrong guy and pay him core money. I think (for better or for worse) the Wings are trying to roll as many dice as possible because those prospects are cheap.

This is all completely independent of whether or not I agree; I don't. I think we should be trying to maximize this window, right now because we're closer than we thought we were. (Yes I'm aware you disagree, it's cool, I know).

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