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Originally Posted by Rebranded Fan View Post
LeBlanc was on 620 and said that the payroll would be around $55 million this year.
I really liked his interview. He was refreshingly honest and direct and took every one of Gambos tough questions. It was not a softball interview by any means. He essentially got grilled and handled it well.

He said payroll would be around 55 million but would increase subsequently every year.

Again, I think it's time we do our part. The team is here, it's up to us to make sure they stay. That not only includes you showing up but recruiting as well. Yes, you need to think of yourself as a college football head coach and recruit fans to the team. Take people to the game when you can. Talk about the experience of going. Buy people Coyotes paraphanelia as gifts and say "you'll need this when you go to the game" Tell sports bars to start showing Coyotes games. Organize Coyotes events at sports bars.

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