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Originally Posted by TMLOBI View Post
Are you in a competitive league and are planning on moving up and making a career out of hockey? Not necessarily the NHL but like even a lower level league where you can scrap together a decent living (ECHL)? If yes then the competitive edge to a visor might be something to strongly consider. If no and you're just playing for fun then I would recommend a full cage. Do I need to post youtube videos of pucks being tipped, teeth falling out, high sticks and eyes being lost?
This sums it up for me.

I've seen a guy have an eye sliced open from a stick, another one almost the same but luckily "just" got sliced between the eyes and stitched up for the gaping gash, another have teeth knocked out on a follow through shot, as well as other close calls.

I value my vision and want to see my kids grow up, and I am content with my full set of teeth. I don't get paid to play...I'm the one who pays. Guys can call me a p**** all they want -- I don't need a bozo like them giving me a life altering injury over what should be a game. Play the game hard, but there are too many heroes out there that make rec leagues their NHL.

This is coming from someone who has never played without a cage and never plans to do so.

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