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Originally Posted by Dagoon44 View Post
So making this person against me is the best way to explain your argument ? I stated how I feel the team went backwards last season they went from being a cup contender to being a joke and barely making the p.o. .. Kreider Girardi hank mcd Richards all had bad seasons last yr, the coach needs to take the blame .. You wanna play X's and O's with me then let's to.
No game plan and horrible in game coach
No power play
No forechecking
His system of 5 goalies in front of the goalie really hurt the team with injuries and deleted goals .
Shall I continue
Yeah, that's exactly how this all played out. Here is, in my opinion, a more accurate representation of this thread:

You claimed that the Rangers were "outplayed" by the Bruins only because Tortorella refused to play "bigger" players such as "Kreider." I pointed out that the Bruins completely shut down the best offensive team in hockey and specifically Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, who are far superior players to 95% of the NHL, let alone Chris Kreider. You then countered this by exclaiming that, because I don't believe that Chris Kreider would have done anything that Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin were not able to do, I therefore am a "Torts lover."

I'm not even going to address the rest of your crap because:

1) It's very clear you have inherent biases; probably in part because you're still holding a grudge over Tortorella supposedly forcing Marc Staal to not sign autographs for you or whatever.


2) I'm not going to waste my time attempting to decipher what the hell you are trying to (probably irrationally and without factual evidence) argue because it is written in such a ridiculously incoherent manner. It hurts my head trying to figure out what the hell half of your fragmented sentences even mean.

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