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07-03-2013, 05:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Habs 4 Life View Post
I will admit I don't know much about Thomas, but I've watched a lot of Kristo over the years. Very disappointed he wasn't even given a chance here. I mean I know he's done some dumb things (while being young ), but that's why the new management went out and get all these people to help these youngsters grow. Now instead of giving him a chance, we simply take the easy way out and trade him. If the Rangers or any other team were that interested, they would have waited for November/December for a trade but at least give the kid a shot
Rangers fan here, i dont know if you could call one player better or not at this time because of their different routes. In Thomas you're getting a classy kid with a first rate work ethic and commitment. Obviously, theres the size thing but ive read that he already has one of the best snap shots at the NHL level. He's more quick in traffic than speedy and can evade hits alright. I view him as a bit of a 1 trick pony but could develop and lets face it if scoring goals is your trick, its not a horrible thing. To me the trade was about line up flexibility for the Rangers. Kristo if he gets his head on straight can prob be thrown onto any line whereas with Thomas, its the whole where does he fit, top 6 or bottom 6. Also, Thomas it appeared kinda had to be matched with a puck dist. C and big LW which can hand cuff a lineup. I hope he makes it, he's a good egg and wont embarrass on or off the ice. My 2 cents.

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