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Originally Posted by JLP View Post
UFA season is upon us, and with it the arguments that plenty of these players choose to avoid the Habs. If so, what are the main reasons?

1. Is it that we're not seen as a contender? (I think we are close to being contenders.)

2. Is it "the pressure" of this market? (There's a relative loss of privacy off-ice when playing in Montreal, but it is the world's premier hockey city wouldn't some players thrive on that?)

3. Is it that the players' kids would have to go to a French-language school? (I think most millionaires can afford to send their kids to private school, does the Habs organization help with such logistics of relocation?)

4. Is it that the income tax rate is significantly higher in Québec?

5. The long cold winters?

Please let's not let this sink to a Québec-bashing thread. I seriously wonder if the "UFA avoid Montréal" phenomenon is real, and if so, why?
You covered it, but I would add one more -

If I'm a skilled player I wouldn't go to Habs because I know they do not have anyone watching out for me and keeping opposing players honest. Skilled players are always abused on Montreal much more than teams like Boston or Flyers.

I'd rather go to Boston because I know if someone hits me hard while I'm a Bruin, you will have to pay for it very soon.

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