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07-03-2013, 05:27 PM
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Originally Posted by RedWingsNow View Post
This is the logic that I am against.

It's within the rules.

Why should people act as if this is dirty pool?

the players and the union NEGOTiATED this a a LEGITIMATE mechanism to give young players some reasonable market for their services.

This isn't even against the "spirit" of the rules, like Holland's cap circumvention.

When weighing the pros and cons, the only things that should matter are hockey factors -- salaries, rosters, draft picks, etc
It is within the rules, they certainly have attached a far more damaging package in terms of what you give up to do it in the NHL versus say the NBA. How many players are truly worth four 1st round picks? Seriously not as many as you would think even if you're low on the draft or reasonable depending on how you see it.

One of the reasons I find both Giroux or Petro an interesting case, because I would probably be willing to do it. I just think by in large they are matched and you have likely upset the people involved. It isn't dirty pool, because it is legal, but many would see it as being a jerk way of doing business.

If we agree with the cost go for it, but know that it might come back on you and you're unlikely to get the player anyway. Certainly if someone did this to one of our guys, I would love to see the reaction in the future. Ilitch and Holland seem like the kind of guys that would target in response.

Interestingly it looks like Petro wants an offer sheet by some reports so he can get his best offer. Curious how many players start hoping for that, especially if they are convinced they will match who cares where you get it. Vanek certainly made a killing with this logic, Fedorov got all of his little hearts desires rigging a contract through this process, and Weber is getting paid out big time. I am curious why more players don't really try to use this, they just need to get a couple GMs to bite. I don't expect ours to lead the group though, he and Burke are probably the most vocal in terms of against this, although the Wings did study doing it for Weber.

I think you should be very careful who you do this practice to.

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