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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
These guys have been pampered a huge part of their lives. Even the Quebecers, they're not like normal folks that grew up in Quebec, they are different than you and me, they lived the high life and their heads is somewhere else. I know a guy that plays College hockey, he looks good, gets all the women he wants and I don't think he's ever paid for a diner. And that's someone who's never even played in the Q. So can you imagine NHL players? It's that + a hundred times. That's why hockey players are so dumb, they never had to force themselves to do anything other than the physical stuff. Everything is handed to them. And they play a game for a living. The days of the heart and soul types like Maurice Richard, working all day, moving his brother-in-law at night and playing hockey all bruised up are over.
True, most new NHLers are pampered primadonnas. It's not uncommon to see CHL draftees (16 years old) report to their Jr team in luxury cars. Thankfully its still possible to find gems like PK Subban or Plekanec.

I wish i could go back in time and watch the rocket.

Originally Posted by Bieber fever View Post
Why is nobody actually want to be recogized everywhere ? Pretty sure a lot of hockey players are narcissic as ****....I would beleive they are some player that would like to play for montreal just to walk around the city like a god

Brb from a 3rd liner nobody in columbus to a famous star in montreal
Well i dont think we have any problem getting 3rd liners. I think the fishbowl excuse is a myth or an easy way out(nobody will say well the team is not good enough). Players want to be in the spotlight.

I remember Kovalchuk saying he had to wait in restaurants in Atlanta and other players saying they dont like to play in a half-empty arena.

Originally Posted by Vsevolod Bobrov View Post
Their contracts all had something in common.
Yes, all overpaid, like most UFA's. Bottom line is you have to show the money if you want players.

And in MTL, add a few extra $100,000 to make up for the taxes.

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