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07-03-2013, 07:02 PM
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Originally Posted by kingsfan View Post
Based on what? What have you heard or seen that indicates he's been shown little/no respect in these negotiations?

And no one is complaining about the lack of call ups as well. However if Vey does leave for Sweden this off-season and has two good seasons, suddenly there will be a pile of posts about how terrible Kings management is, how much they disrepected Vey, etc.
I agree.

Not to mention as someone who exchanges emails with Duds and his family from time to time and has since his days in JR I can tell you that the last time I talked to either of them (BH or his Family) was right as his season ended in the SEL and he absolutely felt that everything between the Kings and him had gone great.

The last thing his agent said was "we are a bit apart from where we want to be with the Kings" and that was last Thursday. If Bud had been disrespected in any way that sort of thing would have gotten around and nothing close to that has been said or even hinted at.

I don't know how anyone could even speculate about anyone being disrespected. especially when each side made all of their decisions based around what is supposed to be the smartest business practice.

Bud made his decisions based on what he felt would be his best and most direct route to getting a shot at being a successful professional hockey player and the Kings did what they felt was best for running of an NHL team.

In the end mistakes have been made (I think but it is arguable) by both sides but I don't think that anyone has disrespected anyone else or at least I don't see it that way nor have I ever heard anyone involved used those sort of words to describe what has taken place.

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