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Originally Posted by tragos View Post
I don't think I've ever posted about myself in here before but need to vent, sorry!

New roommate moved in a couple months ago, just a Craigslist find, didn't know him. We ended up getting really drunk and hooking up the night he moved in. Figured it was a one-time thing at first but then we kept at it, spending a ton of time together and ended up getting along really well. He just got out of a six-year relationship where they lived together for five years. Obviously the whole thing wasn't the best idea but I still figured we could have fun for a bit. Of course I fell for him, since it felt like we were dating... We'd make plans to go to the movies, make dinner together, walk the dog... After a party the other night we were laying in the hammock on the balcony, looking at the clouds, me lying on his chest, and he kissed me. Now, he always gives me a hard time about kissing him unless we're in his room (because it's too relationshippy) so I gave him a hard time about it and broke down and asked him what he wanted... The answer being what I expected, and the opposite of what I wanted to hear. That he needs to be single for a while, and maybe someday down the road.... So I feel like an idiot because I knew what was coming but I'm still feeling heartbroken because we were getting on so well, and the past few days have felt like a breakup, like we're keeping up appearances, and I'm kicking myself for not keeping my mouth shut, and for letting myself like him.

Bah. Sorry. Thanks for listening, guys.
Before I jump to any conclusions and because I dont know you are you a man or woman. My advice may not differ either way...just want to know.

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