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Originally Posted by Galchenyuk27 View Post
I'm 21, and I've been able to follow hockey closely since maybe 1997. I've been a Habs fan the whole time. We don't have a lot to hold onto since then. It hasn't exactly been glorious. I love to pretend I was alive when we were actually annually relevant...

This is a dumb retort I know, but whenever me and my friends are talking **** I always resort to "yeah well you could win a cup every year for the next ____ years and you'll still have less than us. Sorry man"
That's my whole point. We're no longer the team that won 22 of those 24 cups, and the world has changed. The last two were won in "modern times" but before that? The league barely had anything else than Canadians on the rosters, there were lesser teams, there was no official way to ensure the Habs would get the best French players but hey, if you are growing up in Quebec a hockey player in the 1950's, it's not like you have the most adventurous spirit, you will probably sign with the Habs if you can, and there probably won't be enough of a financial incentive from another team to make you leave the province, leave your family behind etc...

I'm thinking we live in a completely different world and the most storied franchise in sports may be that, but it can't be expected to be that in the future. So we should hope of winning more in the future with the best players we can no matter their language and not brag too much about the past.

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