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Originally Posted by BanginLikeaBiscuit View Post
So what TV shows are you guys watching? I finally decided to watch all of Breaking Bad, and have really enjoyed the series. I'm so stoked for the final 8 episodes starting next month. Been really digging a lot of the AMC series actually; Mad Men, The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad. Anyone else got a simliar show they'd recommend?
What I've watched since December:

Breaking Bad
House of Cards (The first season, obviously)
Mad Men (I'm up to season three, it's one I watch in spurts)
Archer (or at least most of it--only started it two weeks ago)
The new season of Arrested Development

...and because I like terrible cooking shows, Hell's Kitchen and Masterchef.

If you haven't, give Weeds or Wilfred a shot. Those are shows that I can plow through at least a season in a day I'm sure you probably recall me talking about with Weeds a while back. The first five seasons of Weeds were awesome, with the final three clearly a step below.

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